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Our training methods condition your dog to pay attention to you. He has to learn how
to focus ​on you and your commands regardless of what else is going on.


  • What happens when the pizza man comes? Is there chaos at the front door? Lots of barking? Is someone holding back the dog?
  • Have you ever left cookies or a sandwich on a table? Was it still there when you got back or did it disappear into Fido's belly? Does he steal from the garbage? Is he counter-surfing?
  • Do your friends really still want to come cover knowing your dog will growl, jump or hump them? Do you find yourself isolating him in another room?
  • Are your walks with your dog enjoyable, or full of reprimands and raised voices? Are the walks stressful due to pulling and lunging?
  • Do you want your dog to stay off your couch or bed?
  • Has your dog gotten pushy or bossy with you? Does he attempt to dominate you?
  • Has your dog started to ignore your commands?
  • ​Is your dog using your home as a toilet - peeing or pooping anywhere he wants? Is he marking in your home?


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SO What Can We Help YOU With???

​We all love our dogs and they become a very important part of our families. But, doggonit' sometimes they just need some help to understand the RULES and learn some basic manners.

Obedience training isn't just for "BAD" dogs...obedience training is for all dogs. Let us help you...when you take the time to train your dog...the rewards are great. Your dog is relaxed and listens and your bond becomes stronger. You will see all the fantastic changes in his behavior while he still remains the fun, playful dog you love.

​Dogs Need Rules wants to prove to you that CHANGE really can happen.
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Yep it's true...a dog needs to know the RULES. In other words, he needs to know what is acceptable behavior AND what is not.

He needs to know how to behave, and it's up to you as his leader to let him know what is expected. 
​So...he needs to know what the RULES are.

When we teach him to follow the RULES, and let him have some fun while learning...
you get quick, tail waggin' results.



  • ​Is your dog aggressive around other dogs? Is your dog nervous or snappy around kids?
  • How about chewing furniture or digging up your garden?
  • What about barking? Is it constant or under control?
  • Has your dog shown any signs of aggression? Has he snarled or growled at you or others? Has he ever bitten?
  • Does your dog attempt to bolt out the door every time its opened? How is your dog in the car?
  • Does your dog pace constantly? Does she have trouble settling down and relaxing?
  • Will your dog stay by you if she's off leash or will she take off running?
  • Does your dog sneak into the bathroom to drink from the toilet?

I never would have thought Bebo could learn manners. He is a gentleman now since training with you. I go first, he goes
second.​I love it.  ​Sherry, Lakewood




We all love dogs and they become a very important part of our families.

At DOGS NEED RULES we use a simple formula for success

So if distractions like food, people and other dogs are around... yep...he still pays attention to you.

If he sees cats, squirrels or rabbits....oh boy....he still pays attention to you and you have control of your dog.

Once your dog is reliable and obedient on-leash and off-leash, you can have so much more fun together and go lots of places - the park, the beach, the boat, hiking, and camping. And now you will enjoy taking him to your friend's house instead of worrying or being embarrassed about his behavior.

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