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Looking for a dog trainer in Toms River or anywhere at the Jersey Shore? 

Training Programs

Dogs Need Rules is Changing the Lives of Jersey Dogs One Waggin' Tail At A Time !!!

Dogs Need Rules wants to prove to you that CHANGE really can happen.  Call us for a free consultation. We'll come to your home to meet
and evaluate your dog, and discuss your issues, concerns and goals for your dog.  We'll go over our programs and recommend what we
think will be the best fit for both you and your dog.  We will also have a trained dog with us so you can see the caliber of training we
​offer, as well as what you can achieve with your dog. It's important for you to see how we train because "Seeing is Believing".  

So don't give up, there is always hope and we are here to help.

Dogs  Need Rules offers dog obedience training programs at the Jersey Shore. We are based Toms River and have proudly been helping dogs and their owners with obedience training in Ocean and Monmouth County, New Jersey.

No worries if you live outside those counties...we can still help!

We offer private lessons in your home because it's more convenient for you, and your dog needs to learn to follow the RULES you establish for your home and family. We also offer group classes to keep improving what your dog has learned in the private lessons.

Another fantastic option and one of our most popular programs is our Doggie Boot Camp. With Boot Camp, we keep your dog with us, work with him and turn him back fully trained. We then show you everything he has accomplished and give you the tools to maintain and improve what your dog has learned.

"Of course he's going to remember you"...yep...we get asked that all the time. When your dog returns to your home, we'll spend time with private lessons to make sure the transition to your home with your new RULES goes very smoothly. So if you're going on vacation, schedule Fido's Boot Camp while you're away, or just take a relaxing break and send your dog to us...yes he'll miss you but he'll be fine. 

  • Food Stealing
  • Jumping
  • Inappropriate Chewing
  • Destructive Behaviors
  • Separation Anxiety
  • ​Bolting out Doors
  • Digging
  • Mounting/Humping
  • Nipping/Play Biting/Mouthing
  • Peeing/Pooping in the House



Plus you'll be able to control annoying behaviors like:


  • Sit/Down/Stay
  • Impulse Control
  • ​Quiet On Command

Our mission at Dogs Need Rules is to provide dog training programs that result in a happy, obedient, confident dog as well as improve the relationship between dog and owner. Our programs include puppy management, basic and advanced obedience, behavior modification, and aggression control. We will give you the tools to be a strong leader and have control of your dog on leash and off leash around severe distraction.

  • Car Manners
  • Walk off-leash
  • Aggression Control


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  • Come on Command
  • House Manners
  • No leash pulling
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