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Before we came to Dogs Need Rules our daily life was very hectic and chaotic. We thought getting a second dog would help Bandit settle in. But when we brought Disco home we had trouble with them getting along. After doing obedience training with both of them, our goal of having them play with each other and keep each other company was achieved. They really enjoy each other now and days at the beach have been great. Thank you for helping us through a very stressful time.

Andrea & Mark, Bandit &
​Disco-Monmouth Beach ​

The car rides with Sassy are stress free now. She will "place" on her mat and sit still. Walking her is a breeze now, she no longer pulls and I've started jogging with her which she loves.

Jim - Island Heights

When I first called Donna I was at my wits end. I loved Bruno, but I just didn't like him anymore. He'd already pulled me down twice on our walks and I felt I was losing control. On the phone I was going on and on, and I remember Donna said very calmly "It's OK, we can fix that". When I hung up I felt a little better and couldn't count the days till Donna came to meet Bruno. The training was actually lots of fun for both of us and the change has been priceless. He's such a good boy now...a very big boy, but a very good boy. Our walks are fun, he's great off-leash and he waits at every door and hallway for me to go first. All the improvements are too great to list, but I'm thrilled with all the positive changes and all the knowledge we've both gained. Thanks so much and Bruno misses you.

Jennie, Toms River

We are amazed at how much help we got with Lucy when we trained with Dogs Need Rules. We knew nothing about housebreaking a puppy and we accomplished it pretty easily with all the advice. Lucy's focus is really good now and she does great at the beach when we have her off leash. All the tools and knowledge we got from you will keep Lucy on her toes as she keeps growing. We are really happy that we used your services and we'll definitely recommend you to our friends.

Thank you.​
Bobby & Lynn, Howell​

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Off Leash Dog Training

After we got our PitBull from the shelter we thought we made a mistake. We never had a PitBull before and quickly became concerned that we had a bunch of trouble coming our way with Brutis. Once you showed us how to be strong leaders and set rules, we saw improvements immediately. His behavior has changed drastically. We realize now how important it is to give him structure, and as a reward he gets to play, play, play as you always told us. Brutis has shown us he's a great dog, and undoubtedly we're convinced PitBulls can be super pets with the proper training. Thanks so much for all your help.

Paul, Lori & Brutis-Red Bank



How can I possibly put in writing all the great changes I've seen with Remo. He has turned into such a good dog. I do believe the reason he has improved so much is because you trained me. Remo heels beautifully, he's great in the car and people are always surprised at how good he is off leash in the park. Thank you.​

Anna - Freehold

Thank you and Thank you again. Wow! We were thrilled at how quickly Lance improved his behavior. No more marking in the house, no more destroyed furniture and no more biting. We expected it to take months, yet within weeks we saw incredible improvement.
​You were extremely professional and fun to work with. Kudos to you!

Kip & Nancy - Forked River


Just a quick note to tell you that our family is at peace again. The kids are no longer afraid of Jake. They can play and even wrestle with him and Jake no longer nips at them. They have learned that teasing him is not fair, and Jake has learned that he has to release his toys when asked. Jake now waits for his cookies and chewies and he's gotten so much better at taking cookies from the kids' hands very gently. We now have a "family pet" instead of a "family terror". 

Thanks again.
The Cadez Family, Toms River

I never would have thought Bebo could learn manners. He is a gentleman now since training with you. I go first, he goes second.

I love it. 
Sherry, Lakewood

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We wanted to let you know how happy we are with your dog training service. Everything went much better than we expected. We noticed a difference in Poncho almost immediately. The methods you showed us are so easy to keep up with and we are forever grateful for all the progress Poncho made.

Thanks for everything!
Kyle & Cindy - Brick

When we called you we were so upset with ourselves and Max. How could we have so little control of our dog? We were very ready to send him to Boot Camp. Two weeks away from this living terror was a great relief for us. I've got to tell you when he came home we really couldn't believe this was the same dog. He was calmer, seemed more stable and happier. And the fact that he listened to everything we said was amazing. We have a whole new appreciation for Max and his willingness to follow the rules we set.

Anna & Lenny - Belmar

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I was skeptical about what you told me I could achieve with Willie. I had already spent money with another training company and was disappointed with them. I am pleased to say now I got more than I expected with Dogs Need Rules. Willie's obedience is great even when he's around other dogs. He keeps getting better and better every day. This was definitely the best money I ever spent. We got way more than was promised and I'm very happy with your company.

Mike - Tinton Falls

Thank you Dogs Need Rules for helping us get Lady under control. Once she knew what was expected from her and that we would no longer let her bad behaviors slide, she straightened up very quickly. Letting her earn all the cuddling in our laps has made a huge difference.

MaryJo & Chris - Brick


When we met you Champ was kind of nasty. He'd growl at the kids and he'd growl when we tried to get him off the couch. After you explained to us what we were doing wrong and what we needed to change it started to make sense to us and everything has improved. Champ is much happier and all the nasty behaviors have vanished.​

The Polletts - Rumson

Bad Dog To Good Dog. Sheeba has come full circle. She walks like a pro - no pulling at all. She's lots of fun to be with now.

Good girl Sheeba.
Amy- Colts Neck, NJ

Dog Training For the Real World


Your doggie boot camp was the best money we ever spent. With our work schedules so busy it was too hard for us to give Rocky the time he needed to get on track. Although it was hard being without him for 10 days, it was fantastic to get him back fully trained.

We appreciate your professionalism when we missed him and called in to check on him so much.

He's really done great since he's been back and two of our friends will be calling you to make their dogs as awesome as Rocky.

Tony & Julie - Toms River